Setting up FASM

Before starting FASM, there is one slightly pesky problem that needs to be fixed. FASM doesn't know where to find its include files, so we add an environment variable to take care of this. If you are going to use the command line version of FASM, fasm.exe, then simply type


at the command line (assuming of course that you unzipped FASM into the directory C:\FASM.

If you wish to use the Windows version of FASM, fasmw.exe (recommended), then go to "Start->Control Panels->System->Advanced->Environment Variables", and make a new system variable, called include, with the value c:\fasm\include. Now you are ready to run FASM.


Example Programs

The first programs that you will want to run are the example programs that come with FASM. For example there is a "Hello" program, which simply displays a message box containing some text, on the screen.

Inside FASM, open the examples directory and you will find the programs you can assemble and try out. Open the directory called Hello. Once you have opened the file which is called Hello.asm, simply go to the Run menu and run the file. The program will assemble and then run. All it does is pop a message box up on the screen.